How to Create a Social Media Infographic in HomePrezzo

How to create a Social Media Infographic  Here’s how to create some great gifs and infographics to use on Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts using HomePrezzo. 00:00  Hi it’s Kylie Davis from HomePrezzo here. I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a social media infographic using HomePrezzo. Now, social media…
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How to Get your Settings Right in HomePrezzo

How to Get your Settings Right in HomePrezzo When you first start in HomePrezzo, you’ll be taken to your settings page. This video looks at how to get your logo size and profile photo just right, and gives tips for the best colour selection. 00:00 Hi, it’s Kylie Davis from HomePrezzo here. I’m going to…
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How to create a Rental Video with HomePrezzo

How to create a Rental Video with HomePrezzo If you’re a property manager, you can create great rental market videos to share with landlords, or show potential tenants what’s on the market 00:00               Hey, it’s Kylie Davis from HomePrezzo here. I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a rental video. It’s great if…
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How to Edit your Suburb Video

How to edit your Suburb Video in HomePrezzo   In this video we show you how to edit your Suburb Profile. This will let you select your own properties, make sure prices are disclosed, and check all the data is present.  00:00                  Hi it’s Kylie Davis from HomePrezzo here, and I’m going to show you…
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How to Create a Listing Video in HomePrezzo

How to create a Property Listing video Turn your latest property listing into a smart video to share with buyers on social media, an EDM or your website.  00:00                 Hi, it’s Kylie Davis here from HomePrezzo, and I’m going to show you how to create a listing video using the HomePrezzo platform. And our brand new template,…
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How to add a user to an office subscription

You have just signed up for a HomePrezzo Office subscription, but how do you get your staff account created? Fortunately, the process is very quick and easy. Step 1: After logging into your Main/admin Homeprezzo account select the “settings” tab from the lefthand side of the screen Step 2: Select the “Billing” tab on the…
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How to connect your CRM

Creating listing video’s could not be easier, all you need to do is connect your CRM system with HomePrezzo and then you can create stylish, engaging listing videos that are ready to be shared with your marketplace.    

How to set up your profile and overview

After watching this quick “How To” video, you will know how to create your profile, update details and default colour templates, connect your Social Media and have a basic overview of the product range available in HomePrezzo  

How to create a Listing video

With both Social media and video playing such a large role in what people are viewing what are you doing to engage with these people? Do you want to know how you can create Listing videos using the Power of HomePrezzo? check out the quick video here.    

How to share on Social Media

You have the Social media account, You have the HomePrezzo videos. Now all you need is to know the most efficient way to share your content. Watch this quick video to learn how.

7 ways to use a suburb video to win more listings

A short, sharp video that sums up property market activity in your suburb is a great way to share your knowledge about the local area in a format that is highly valuable but easy to understand. It positions you as a market expert who is approachable and helpful – all essential traits that research shows…
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How to create a Suburb Video

So you are not  100% sure how to create your own Suburb Report videos. Check out the short video below which shows you how to not only create the video but how to share it.

How often should I post on my Blog or Social Media?

This is a question we get a lot, and so does every other professional in the area of Content Marketing. The answer generally is, it depends. Because it really does depend on you, your market and your budget. Let’s talk about some examples and you can decide where you are on the spectrum between your…
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Does social media really matter?

I found a really good article from Real Estate Business explaining expected changes that are coming to Facebook. While I’m sure most won’t action everything in the article for me two components stand out. Unless you have a mass following on Facebook you should probably be discussing with your vendors a budget for social media…
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Full steam ahead for 2018

If you’re anything like me, Christmas and the New Years break was a fantastic time to relax and recharge the batteries ahead of what will be a huge 2018. Along with a a range of new products and services coming to the HomePrezzo suite this year, we will also be working on engaging more with…
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