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Example of HomePrezzo email

How to email your video and make it look great

Here’s a super cool trick to make your emails look great. Insert a HomePrezzo ‘gif’ file. When the recipient opens up the email, it will look like the video is already playing. This is a much better way than attaching the video which is likely to be a very large file. A gif is a…
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How to create a video by postcode rather than suburb

HomePrezzo asks you by default to type in the suburb you want for the Suburb and Rental videos. NAs in your data can be annoying, but it’s a data rule designed to ensure good statistics Sometimes however, you might find that there’s not enough data in the suburb you have selected to populate your video.…
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I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Bummer. Head over to the login screen and select the link to reset your password. We will automatically send you a link to reset it and get you going again in no time. If you receive the message that your account has not yet been activated, you will need to confirm your email before you…
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