How to create a video by postcode rather than suburb

How to create a video by postcode rather than suburb

HomePrezzo asks you by default to type in the suburb you want for the Suburb and Rental videos.

NAs in your data can be annoying, but it’s a data rule designed to ensure good statistics

Sometimes however, you might find that there’s not enough data in the suburb you have selected to populate your video. This is not HomePrezzo’s fault – it’s one of the rules CoreLogic has set on its data, that it will only show the figures if there are more than 10 sales for the period.

But it’s annoying to have NAs in your video.

So when this happens, try typing in the postcode instead of the suburb.

If your suburb doesn’t have enough data, choose the postcode instead

The video will then pull all the data for the postcode which is likely to cover a couple of suburbs.

It will also pull in all the recent sales across the suburbs within the postcode. But you can easily edit to include just the recent sales in the suburb you want by overriding the auto function and choosing the recent sales yourself.

What to do if you get an NA in the data of your suburb.
You can manually select recent sales at any time by turning off the auto button.