Suburb Reports

Suburb Reports

The HomePrezzo platform lets you create suburb reports using the latest property data from CoreLogic in just a few minutes. Its customised with your colours, contact details and branding and you can even upload photos for the cover and back page. Just select your suburb, refine your recent sales and HomePrezzo does the rest. 

6 Ways to Use a HomePrezzo Suburb Report

If you're creating reports by painstakingly writing the content, looking up the data and then handing everything over to a designer, stop now! That's far too slow. Using HomePrezzo, you can build suburb reports quickly and easily and customise them with your own recently sold properties, colours, logo, photos and branding. 


They're so easy to do, you'll be looking for some new ways to use them. So try these ideas out: 


Hand out at Open for Inspections  

Print out the Suburb Report on your office printer, or get them professionally printed out and take them to open for inspections. It will help you justify your asking price by showing buyers what other properties in the area are selling for.


Use as a talking point when you're door knocking 

One of the hardest things about door knocking and cold calling is trying to build a rapport with the person on the other side of the fly screen. When you have a free gift in the form of a suburb report, you've got a great talking point as you can show them how the market is performing and fire up their curiosity. Leave it behind to make a lasting impression. Beats a magnet any day!


Share on Facebook 

The HomePrezzo Suburb Reports can also be created as a digital edition and shared quickly and easily on Facebook. Post up your report, share it with your target audience in that suburb, and make a comment about how the market is performing to get people interested. If you encourage people to click on the report and download, you'll also improve your Facebook engagement and capture vital metrics for your next post. 


Tweet them out 

Tweet about your report and some of its key statistics to create multiple posts for Twitter and schedule them at different times of the day to see which gets the best results. It will also help you build up your followers. 


Email to past - or present - clients 

Download the PDF and attach it to an email to send out to all of your clients in that suburb. Make sure you do this via your CRM so you capture the email engagement and can personally address your email and salutation. (Generic emails are so 2010!) It will help keep current clients up to date with what's happening in the market, and will give you a reason to follow up with past clients that you haven't spoken to in a while. 


Upload to your website  

Add the suburb report to your website via an iframe to let visitors flick through and read the report on the screen or alternatively, encourage visitors to share their email details in return for downloading their own copy of the report. It will help you create a list of leads to follow up. later.  

Training Videos



Upload your photo and logo and select your colours to make creating your videos easy. 


Create smart property listing videos to impress vendors and attract buyers.


How to select your own properties to showcase in HomePrezzo suburb videos.