Reconnect with past clients in 2019

Reconnect with past clients in 2019

Forget about lead generation websites and agent recommendation services. Reconnecting with past clients already in your CRM is one of the most powerful lead generation tools agents have available to them.But anxiety about how to reach out – especially to clients who you served many years ago – prevents many agents from acting.Some basic content marketing can help smooth the way, providing a soft touch that is both useful and helpful. And by avoiding the hard sell, you can nurture leads until such a time as the past client is ready to become a current client again.

Email clients from 1999

If you sold someone a property 10 years ago, chances are its value has gone up significantly, even with the recent market wobbles. You’ve got two options here. Reach out to distant past clients individually by creating a video CMA of their property. It will show them what it could be worth in today’s market together with suburb statistics and examples of similar properties. You can email it with a personal note. Alternatively, send a suburb video that talks generally about how the market has performed to a broader audience via a targeted EDM.

Upload email addresses to Facebook

Add the email addresses or mobile phone numbers of your past clients to your Facebook Ad Manager account as a custom audience. Facebook will then match them to social media accounts. You’ll then be able to target gently in their social media feeds with useful content which could include videos, reports or general information about their area. The only downside is that you won’t know who you’ve targeted really until they respond. But their engagement is a sign that they are distinctly interested.

Share suburb videos and reports

A suburb video or report is a great way to provide useful information to past clients without ramming a sales message down their throat. The statistics and data provide a market snapshot that’s easy to understand. Targeting by past client status and the suburb they live in on Facebook and you’ve got a winning ad campaign. Or send out in an email EDM via your CRM.

Add value to your landlords

Your property management team has relationships with hundreds of landlords. But when was the last time you connected with them in a sales sense? Do your landlords know how much their properties are worth in today’s market? Would knowing that information encourage a couple of them to consider selling this year? Create a suburb video for your landlords in each suburb and target your landlords in an EDM or in Facebook. Alternatively, create individual video CMAs for each one for more personal communication.

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