How to use HomePrezzo Reports in ActivePipe

How to use HomePrezzo Reports in ActivePipe

You can create Suburb Reports in HomePrezzo that are PDF reports you can share with potential sellers and buyers to show how the property market is performing. But each of these reports also includes a landing page that you can share as part of your emails in ActivePipe. 

The benefit of sharing your report inside ActivePipe is that you allow your readers to click through and download the report and see those clicks in your ActivePipe dashboard. This can be a valuable source of leads from your campaigns. And of course, email is a great way to circulate your report and share your knowledge.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your report in HomePrezzo as you would normally. (General users can create Suburb Reports. But if you’re an LJ Hooker, First National or EView office, you can create bespoke reports). You can see how to create a Suburb Report in HomePrezzo here.
  1. After creating your report, you’ll need an image to illustrate it nicely in your email. You can use any png, gif or jpg image. In this example, I’m going to save a shot of the thumbnail image of my report from the HomePrezzo menu by right clicking on the image in List view and saving it.
  1. Next, I click on the three dots to bring up the Share menu so I can share my report and save the URL. 

Alternatively, in visual view, you can hover over the image and click the share button. 

  1. And from here, I click on Share to copy the Email Newsletter link. (You can see what the landing page will look like by clicking the View button).

Here’s what the HomePrezzo landing page looks like. Your report can be easily downloaded from here by your reader. And your contact details are hotlinked. 

  1. Next I go into ActivePipe and set up my campaign or email. Here I add the following elements in my email to make my report look great inside my email. Here I’ve added a Headline, Image and Single Column of text and a Button. 
  1. I edit my headline and content in my single column to talk about the value of the downloading the report. Then I add a button for my readers to click on to receive the report and edit the button by clicking on the Settings button and then the Button Details tab. Here I can edit the text, and paste the link to my report landing page into the Button Link and click save. 
  1. Lastly, by clicking on the photo icon on my photo section, I add the image I want to use to illustrate my report. 
  1. Once you have your Suburb Report section looking as you want it to inside your email, make sure you click Save. You can also preview to see how it will look. 
  2. Once you’ve sent out your email, you’ll be able to see the click-throughs to the landing page via your Dashboard.