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HomePrezzo launches new photo-based Suburb Videos

Create property market videos in under 3 minutes Upload your own photos. All scenes editable HomePrezzo pulls through market statistics and recent sales Content marketing platform HomePrezzo has launched new Suburb Video templates that allow agents to seriously upgrade their digital marketing by demonstrating their local knowledge. The new Photo Lifestyle features six scenes that…
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9 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Brand as an Agent

Content marketing is the art and science of telling stories to increase engagement with a target audience that will help you grow your business. The question is, how can this style of marketing help you sell a house or apartment, or find the next rental to add to your rent roll? Purchasing property is the…
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HomePrezzo Bug Stomps

In any piece of software, you’ll get bugs from time to time. At HomePrezzo, we’ve identified a few glitches that our tech team have recently fixed or are currently working on.   We’ve outlined them below together with some workarounds:   The music in my video cuts out before the end We did have an…
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How often should I post on my Blog or Social Media?

This is a question we get a lot, and so does every other professional in the area of Content Marketing. The answer generally is, it depends. Because it really does depend on you, your market and your budget. Let’s talk about some examples and you can decide where you are on the spectrum between your…
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Why should I be a “Local Market Expert”

I must admit during my time as a Real Estate agent I was never fantastic at staying on top of my passive marketing. The thought of trying to create a clean, interesting and informative document seemed like a time consuming, difficult and honestly a boring task. What I was looking for at the time was…
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