HomePrezzo Bug Stomps

HomePrezzo Bug Stomps

In any piece of software, you’ll get bugs from time to time. At HomePrezzo, we’ve identified a few glitches that our tech team have recently fixed or are currently working on.


We’ve outlined them below together with some workarounds:


The music in my video cuts out before the end

We did have an issue in the suburb videos where the music cut out before the end of the video which has been fixed. The glitch may still occur from time to time if you create your video, and then go back and edit it repeatedly. If this occurs, it’s best to create a new video from scratch.



I just want to select my own properties in my videos, not the properties of other agents.

You can select your own properties in the Suburb and Rental videos by choosing the Manual property selection option and clicking on the properties you want to include until they go green. Make sure you have the right number of properties selected. Here’s where to read more on this.


There are better comparable properties inside RP Data than are coming up inside HomePrezzo 

HomePrezzo uses the CoreLogic/RP Data API and we’ve discovered (the hard way!) that the comparable sales function inside the code is not the same as appears inside RP Data. This means that in some instances the comparable properties are limited. Our team are working on getting to the bottom of this.



I’ve connected my CRM to HomePrezzo but I can’t select my own properties in suburb videos and reports.

The CRM selection currently supplies your properties only to the Listing Video Prezzo. It does not currently feed into suburb videos and reports, but after feedback that this is desirable, our team are working on it! 



There are NAs in my video

NA’s appear in a video when there is not enough reliable data to populate the field and it often occurs in the unit section of templates. You can get around this by selecting a postcode rather than a suburb. See here for more details. We also have some new templates coming soon that will be for house or unit only which will improve this further.



I don’t like the template. Can I edit it?

Our standard templates are locked at the moment and can’t be edited by users. And we know that some of them are a bit daggy and overdue for an update. That’s coming soon, we promise!We do however have new exclusive template building service which will allow you to create your own video template for $3000. Contact Kylie on 0401 673 329 to discuss further.