About us.

Who are we?

We are a data-tech business making property data interesting and engaging through animation, infographics and professional marketing.

We specialise in real estate and property videos for agents and financial institutions.

Our team is based in Brisbane, Queensland and comprises of specialist staff in technology, graphic design and sales/support.

Video is emerging as the preferred means of communication online. We are excited to be exclusively working with Corelogic RP Data to deliver novel ways to connect to customers in both English and Chinese.

The Team

HomePrezzo was founded in 2014 by Nathan Krisanski, a data analyst/coder who specialised in data visualisation. Nathan has over 9 years experience working within the property industry covering business growth & development, marketing and IT systems.

HomePrezzo was born from a lack of marketing and data focused video tools on the market for agents to educate and inform their clients about local suburb statistics .

Partnering with Corelogic RP Data allows our users to educate their clients with the most reliable and up-to-date available for any market in the country.